IoT Products

Smart Draft Survey (SDS) ®

Portable level monitoring device measuring the “Draft” of a vessel. Unique for taking level measurements at any point and location required.

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Remote Monitoring Accelerometer (RMA) ®

Remote Monitoring Accelerometer is an IoT enabled accelerometer for maritime application

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Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

Provides real-time monitoring and management of fuel consumption for vessels or equipment ensuring cost saving and environmental compliance.

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Real-time feedback

Know how your ship is performing with premium IoT hardware integrated with your vessel.

Managed installation

Let Spares Pazari install IoT hardware directly on your ship and set up a tracking dashboard.

Get alerts

Get alerts and updates when your ship’s engine or machinery is not performing optimally.

Best insights

Better understand your ship with top-level sensors that provide leading insights and analytics.

Transcend Your Vessel To The Digital Age With IoT

Premium IoT hardware

Built with the best sensors, leverage Spares Pazari’s powerful IoT solutions to fully track your ship’s analytics, performance, and efficiency.

On-deck installation

Our team at Spares Pazari will install the IoT hardware at all essential spots. Never worry about managing and setting up IoT hardware on your vessel.

Relevant insights

With the best IoT solutions, always know how your ship is performing. Get real-time feedback, alerts, and updates on your ship’s health and efficiency.

Online accessibility

Wherever you are in the world, track your ship’s performance with smart IoT solutions. Online accessibility ensures you can remotely track your vessel’s health.

Global vendor network

If your ship’s engine or machineries need immediate replacing, tap into Spares Pazari’s global vendor network. Order anything your ship needs with a few clicks.

24X7 tech support

Speak to our customer support team when you have questions about our SaaS and IoT solutions. Our team is trained to resolve all your technological maritime solutions.

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