IoT & Robotics

Leveraging continuous feedback and our dedicated innovation lab wing, we're committed to developing cutting-edge products. Our focus? Enhancing safety, boosting efficiency, and reducing the carbon footprint in maritime operations. Explore how we're shaping the future of the industry.

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Software Solutions

Automate and Streamline Procurement work flow for Ships. Purchase requisitions, Orders, Invoices, Analytics, Vendor Management, entirely compatible with your accounting / ERP software.

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Spares & Stores

Capitalizing on our global network of reputed suppliers, we bring you the highest quality directly from makers, eliminating premium costs and ensuring the fastest delivery at competitive prices. Choose Spares Pazari for an unparalleled combination of quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in meeting your maritime needs.

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Underwater Hull Cleaning

One major part of ship maintenance is to maximize the vessel’s overall performance and efficiency. Marine fouling in the hull area of your ship can increase drag and result in a decrease in overall performance and efficiency. Too much marine fouling can even lead to turbulence and noise, and cause issues with sonar.

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Logistics & Forwarding

Through our Pazari Express brand, we take pride in offering hand delivery options across the globe for urgent deliveries, along with warehousing, freight forwarding, onboard delivery services, custom clearance, and more. Our commitment to excellence ensures seamless logistics solutions for your maritime operations.

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How We Can Help You

Enhance Real-Time Vessel Monitoring:

Our IoT-enabled devices provide real-time data on vessel performance, minimizing breakdowns and optimizing fuel consumption for improved efficiency.

Streamline Procurement and Inventory Management:

Leverage our software solutions for streamlined procurement, purchase order issuance, planned maintenance systems (PMS), and onboard inventory management, driven by AI and data analytics.

Optimize Supply Chain and Cost Management:

Secure the best rates for marine stores, spares, and repairs worldwide with our extensive vendor network, ensuring cost savings and efficient logistics, including warehousing and onboard delivery.

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The vast and largely unexplored oceans hold many secrets and resources crucial for understanding climate change, marine biodiversity, and potential natural resources. Recent advancements in marine data acquisition and real-time analytics have revolutionized our ability to explore and monitor the underwater world...

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Navigating the Maritime Industry: Shipowners and Charterers

The maritime industry is a complex and multifaceted domain, where various stakeholders collaborate to ensure the smooth operation of global trade. Among the most crucial players in this industry are shipowners and charterers. Understanding their distinct roles and how they interact is essential for comprehending the dynamics...

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Factors Affecting Transit Time in Freight Shipping

Transit time in freight shipping refers to the duration it takes for goods to be transported from the point of origin to the destination. Understanding and managing transit time is crucial for businesses aiming to maintain efficient supply chains and meet customer expectations. Various factors can influence transit time...

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