Remote Monitoring Accelerometer (RMA)®

IoT enabled. Attached to the structures of the ship while the ship is in motion, captures live acceleration data at different points and GPS sensors capture real-time location. Features online data visualization

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Remote Monitoring Accelerometer (RMA), meticulously monitors the acceleration of vessels, ensuring the stability and integrity of your cargo’s lashing system throughout the journey. Allows early detection of unusual movements and potential risks, enabling timely intervention and incident prevention. Continuous assessment of the lashing system’s performance ensures its adequacy, preventing cargo damage and ensuring the safety of the vessel and crew. Utilize RMA’s real-time and historical data to make informed decisions on cargo loading, vessel routing, and other critical aspects of maritime logistics

Key Features

GPS & Acceleration nodes

These are battery powered IoT nodes comprising of accelerometers and gyro units which can store and transmit data to a common hub.

Mesh network

The nodes create a mesh network which acts as a single, self healing network. This can transmit data even if some nodes are not in direct line of sight (LoS) of the hub.

Off-line storage

Devices are designed to store data up to 3 months and upload whenever there is network connectivity. Sleep and awake functions are in-built to have a longer battery life.

Online visualization

All data collected can be visualized on an on-line platform. The data gets continuously synchronized on the cloud corresponding to every node ID whenever there is network connectivity available.


Protect your cargo
Enhance vessel’s safety
Reduce Operational Expenditures
Optimize Maintenance
Enhance voyage planning