Smart Draft Survey (SDS)®

A portable level monitoring device measuring the “Draft” of a vessel. Unique for taking level measurements at any point and location required. Featuring Radar sensor, Adjustable boom, mobile App and Survey reporting.

Green Shipping, Safety & Precision_

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The Smart Draft Survey, as the name implies, streamlines the measurement of vessel draft in an efficient, safer, and precise manner through the use of a cutting-edge smart device developed in-house by Spares Pazari. Equipped with integrated sensors, our equipment seamlessly links with a mobile app, allowing for the rapid completion of the entire vessel’s draft survey within minutes. Although draft reading constitutes the most critical aspect of the survey process, traditional methods are subjective and therefore, inconsistent. The technologically advanced device, SDS enhances these traditional methods by enabling safer and more accurate draft readings, even in unpredictable swell and wind conditions.

Key Features

Radar Sensor

Accurate measurements from the deck to water. Inbuilt algorithms to take care of the undulations of the water surface. Advanced statistical models to provide millimeter level accuracy over a time period

Adjustable boom

The device can be mounted on a handrail and the boom can be extended to get interrupt free reading. The telescopic boom can extend up to 500mm from the edge of the ship.


The device is designed for portability, its made up of composite material making it light weight and can be carried by a single person.

Quick to install

Easy to install design with clamping and bottom support. The clamping mechanism with strong friction grip ensures that the device locks in position. Screw less design and no special tools required for installation at a location.


Device connects over Bluetooth to send real-time sensor data.

Survey reporting

The collected data is used for on-device calculations and the reports are generated and sent to the servers with approval signs from local authorities.

Battery powered

An in-built Li-ion battery powers the device. This can last up to 72 hours in a single charge.


Enhances safety of seafarers
Decreases carbon footprint
Mitigates operational risks
Eliminates errors in draft mark readings
Optimize cargo on board