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Explore our extensive selection of ship stores and maritime supplies, including IMPA products, LSA equipment, FFA essentials, chemical solutions, cargo hold paints, deck store items, and engine store supplies. Find top-quality marine equipment to keep your vessel running smoothly and efficiently.

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Deck & Engine stores | IMPA | LSA FFA Cargo hold chemicals

  • We take immense pride in presenting a comprehensive range of ship stores that includes deck and engine necessities compliant with IMPA standards, consumables, and crucial Life-Saving Appliances (LSA) and Fire Fighting Appliances (FFA) items.
  • We specialize in providing chemicals essential for hold preparation to facilitate the loading of your next cargo. Working closely with charterers, we offer guidance on suitable chemicals like Slip coat, Aquatuff, Lime wash, high-pressure equipment like Hydroblaster, Chemical applicator, Wilden pump and safety items, such as razor wires, ensuring that your vessel is cargo-ready for its upcoming voyage.
  • Capitalizing on our global network of reputed suppliers and equipment providers, we bring you the highest quality directly from makers like chemicals from the blenders factory, eliminating premium costs and ensuring the fastest delivery at the most competitive prices. Our commitment to sourcing from reputable manufacturers guarantees the highest standards of reliability and performance, while our strong global presence ensures consistently competitive pricing. Choose Spares Pazari for an unparalleled combination of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in meeting your maritime needs.
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