Marine Procurement Software

Automate and Streamline Procurement work flow for Ships. Purchase requisitions, Orders, Invoices, Analytics, Vendor Management, entirely compatible with your accounting / ERP software.

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Automate and Streamline Purchasing Process for Ships

The best way to overcome maintenance bottlenecks and issues is to prevent them from happening. Spares Pazari’s planned maintenance system (PMS) is designed to predict your maintenance needs in advance. In essence, you never need to worry about any type of ship spare part shortages, stock supply issues, or machinery damage.

PMS is a cloud-based solution that enables you to predict maintenance challenges that may arise in the future. You can get an overview of all your ship’s maintenance needs from one dashboard and act decisively before any type of spare part or inventory shortage arises. Overcome issues arising from human error with our AI/ML integrated PMS solution.

Procurement processes kept simple, made smarter

Purchase requisitions

Easy, efficient way for crew to raise a purchase request, real-time notification to the purchaser, avoid delays, and track the status of the request

Purchase orders

Issue POs and generate orders automatically from approved purchase requests


Generate actionable, data-driven insights from your purchasing-related data

Vendor management

Onboard, maintain, and manage vendors in an easy-to-use, efficient platform

Purchase invoices

Approve your invoices on the go and perform quick three-way matching


Connect your procurement cloud with other essential finance software systems

Fully manage your ship’s inventory needs. Track orders, manage inventory, handle billing, predict shortages and take care of every inventory need on one dashboard.
Fully manage warehouses. Track all the commodities moving in and out of your warehouse on our unified dashboard.
Access all your essential inventory data anytime, anywhere in the world with our cloud-based SaaS solution.
Get custom reports. Create and view custom reports relevant to your ship or warehouse’s needs and requirements.
Forecast future requirements. Always know when essential inventory is about to run out with our smart inventory software.

Optimise Sourcing with Tailored Solutions based on Your Needs!

Before Procurement Software

  • Excel-based eRFXs
  • Inabiltiy to reflect changing bids
  • Manual, open to error process
  • Ineffecient decision-making

After Procurement Software

  • Sectional weightage mechanism
  • Automated sourcing process
  • Data-driven, intelligent decision-making
  • Data-driven, intelligent decision-making

Planned Maintenance Percentage Calculator

Bring Simplicity, Clarity and Efficiency to Marine Procurement Process

Online platform

Spares Pazari offers a ton of digital solutions, including PMS, that enable you to simplify all your ship’s needs. From procurement to maintenance, we have you covered.

Cloud-based solution

Manage and maintain your ship from anywhere in the world. Our PMS software is a cloud-based solution you can access anytime, anywhere.

All data on one dashboard

Track all your ship’s maintenance needs on one unified dashboard. Predict inventory shortages, and stock supply issues, before they happen.

Predict maintenance challenges

With AI/ML integration, predict all kinds of maintenance challenges like machinery issues and spare part shortages, with our PMS software.

Global vendor network

Facing inventory shortage or need to procure machinery for your ship? Tap into our global vendor network and procure anything you need for your vessel.

24X7 tech support

Get tech support, anytime you need it. Our customer service team is available to answer and resolve any queries you have.