Inventory Management System

Real-Time Inventory Tracking. Track orders, manage inventory, handle billing, and take care of every inventory need via one smart interface, anytime, anywhere.

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Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Have trouble tracking your ship’s parts, supplies, and inventory? Spares Pazari’s inventory management software allows you to fully manage your ship’s inventory needs. Track orders, manage inventory, handle billing, and take care of every inventory need via one smart interface. Access all your essential inventory data anytime, anywhere in the world with our cloud-based SaaS solution.

While we specialize in shipping businesses, our inventory management software is the perfect fit for all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re managing a warehouse or overseeing operating on a ship and need an inventory management solution, our software powers you to track, analyze, and plan your inventory needs.

Our Inventory Module includes

  • Cloud-based Solution for Inventory Management
  • Fully automated system to reduce cost and errors
  • Locate spares or goods with the help of interactive dashboards
  • RFID scanner to enable automated inventory tracking updates to keep a track of the movement of spares and eliminate manual work
  • Centralised real-time inventory. which is accessible to the stakeholders to avoid duplication of orders
  • Automated system reminder for requisition of periodic equipment and spares
  • Instant alerts whenever the inventory refill is required
  • Get insights about the consumption patterns, dead stock management to optimise inventory and generate reports
  • Use the data to accurately predict the consumption rates of each inventory to make planned bulk purchases. This will rationalize logistics costs and reduce expenses on logistics
Automate and streamline purchasing process for ships
Management & budgeting of your vessels to control OPEX
Easy, efficient way to raise a purchase request, real-time notification to the purchaser and track the status of the request
Issue POs and generate orders automatically from approved purchase requests
On-board, maintain, and manage vendors in an easy-to-use, efficient platform
Approve your invoices on the go and perform quick three-way matching
Generate actionable, data-driven insights from your purchasing related data
Connect your procurement cloud with other essential finance software systems
Seamless connection from Vessel Master - to Back-office - to Suppliers

Bringing Order to Inventory Chaos

Online focus

We’re a company built to optimize every complicated aspect of inventory management with smart SaaS solutions.

Easy access via cloud-based solution

Whether you’re on your desk or traveling in another part of the world, track your inventory any time, anywhere.

All inventory data on one screen

View your ship or warehouse’s inventory status on one smart dashboard and always remain updated.

Flexible for all businesses

Whether you run a ship or a warehouse, our inventory management software is an out-of-the-box solution.

Global network

With Spares Pazari, you can also tap into our global network of vendors if you specifically need ship supplies, spare parts, machineries, etc.

24X7 tech support

Get tech support for any questions or issues you have from our trained customer service team, anytime.